Numerical Catalogs
(All Catalog Material Classical Only)

Ampico (from #5000 to the latest identifiable JUMBO)
Duo-Art (from #5500 to the latest identifiable British
Welte (Original German issues -from #100 to 4200)
Welte-Mignon ( Licensee - from #6000 to 7924)

The following catalogs contain only historical performances:

Duca (Frankfurt - from #17 to 1363)
Artrio-Angelus (from #7505 to 8419)
Triphonola (Hupfeld in Leipzig -from #50008 to 59922)
Pleyela (France - from #1290 to 10352-Virtually all listings are hand-played rolls)
Art-Echo (from # 2001 to 3566)
Recordo (from #6220 to 617230)
Virtuola (from #3016 to 6029)
Apollo and Empeco (minimal listings)

This material has been selected as of major importance in the history of the recording method utilized by inventors Edwin Welte and Karl Bokisch and all subsequent adaptations and refinements. All popular, salon, operetta, show,Broadway, accompaniment and specialty recordings by now-forgotten composers
performers have been eliminated. The intent of the Reproducing Piano Roll Foundation is to effect transfers of this material via electronic means and to preserve it for future generations.

The catalogs are as indicated in Adobe Portable Document Format. You can either download or view them online in either case you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.










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