David Mason Greene's: Biographical Encyclopedia of Composers


As a labor of love, We have resuscitated the treasured, long out-of-print David Mason Greene's "Biographical Encyclopedia of Composers." This unique publication provides carefully researched, insightful and chronologically listed glimpses of the lives and works of 1200 artists. This version is in Secure-ebook format (we can provide versions which are readable with Macintosh and Linux as well) which means you can save time and money. How? ebooks are downloadable and in our case cheaper than the original.

Readers of the original version know the difficulty of reading the 5 pt. type, and the "Bible" like layout. Our version is founded on Adobe PDF and we've even hyperlinked the index page and the biographies to make exploring the book more intuitive and fun.

Since we really dislike the process of commercializing the site, the Encyclopedia also serves as a means to promote and support the RPRF's ongoing efforts in providing Artist and Performance data. You can also help by making a small donation via Paypal, we are a 501(3)c non-profit organization. The cost of the ebook is a meager $19.99; a great value considering the number of composers profiled in the book. Click here to download a demo copy

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