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The Return of a Classic

The Reproducing Piano Roll Foundation and its founder Albert M. Petrak are pleased to announce to classical music fans everywhere the re-publication of one of the most compelling references ever conceived on the subject of musical biography; David Mason Greene's Biographical Encyclopedia of Composers.

Greene's monumental work profiles the lives of 1,271 of the world's most important composers in over 1500 pages from antiquity to the late twentieth century. Filled with historical details, entertaining anecdotes and written in a personal style that is highly structured yet compellingly informal. Entries are arranged in chronological order, by composers' birthdates, bringing to light the fascinating inter-relationships among various composers and schools of music.

This towering survey is further enhanced by its conversion to ebook format. The index and many entries have been fully hyperlinked making exploration of tangential composers easy as a mouse click. Coupled with the readability features included in Adobe Acrobat Reader® you will find yourself swept up in the lives of the men and women profiled.

Begin your exploration of these composers now! Click on the book cover and download a substantial preview of the Encyclopedia. If after viewing the preview you determine that you would like to own the Encyclopedia, simply click the "Buy" button, which will invite you to make use of PayPal. Once there click continue or logon to your account if you have one. If so desired, we will mail your purchase, simply send a check in the amount of $19.95 plus $2.00 for P & H.

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